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The main issue with Action is the screenplay, which doesn't possess the entertainment or the engaging elements that it ought to have. There is a seen-before feeling in every scene, and it gets all the more familiar in the second half which draws lines with Akshay Kumar's Baby and Ben Affleck's Argo. The scenes conceptualized by the team might sound interesting, but they turn into an overdose as they keep coming down one after the other, like a stream of dominoes.(more)

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If you dig the corniness of the lines and the OTT-ness of the stunts, then you might be able to enjoy the film.

The final act is clearly a letdown. Given all the buildup, we expect a strong antagonist who might prove to be more than a match to the protagonists, but what we get is a weak villain, who gets easily outwitted in his own den - Pakistan, where else!(more)

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Just lather, that's all

I get that style and glamour are important for a big-budget spy thriller. But, they are not the only pleasures of this genre. The thrill of the chase, the audacity of characters, and the tension over the mission verging on total collapse are what makes us invest in such films. And, yes, it is a bonus if we get the scenes of a smooth-talking hero ordering martinis "shaken, but not stirred." The glamour must be like additional seasoning. And not the entire entree.(more)

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'Logic' Goes For A Toss In This Vishal Starrer!

Action tries to be too intelligent and smart, which it isn't. Bad writing pulls down the film's prospects.(more)

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A below-average action thriller

While the story looks good on paper, Sundar C executes the film like a B-grade mass masala action entertainer in a dramatic manner. The gravity-defying stunts give the feel of watching poorly CG based video game on the big screen. The climax portion featuring Vishal in a bearded look as Pathan is a big disappointment. (more)

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This Vishal outing promises much, but lacks spine or sense

Sundar C has two or maybe three tricks in his bag... but a sensible script isn't one of them. I know what you must be thinking. Shouldn't movies like Action be taken less seriously, given that it is a 'no-brainer' ? But isn't no-brainer itself an escapist statement? (more)

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Vishal, Tamannaah starrer is a formulaic entertainer with no proper storyline

The film drags along for 158 minutes, and the climax is a straight lift of Ben Affleck-directed thriller Argo. The film's weakest point is the characterisation of the villain and the concept of capturing the most wanted don from Pakistan and bringing him to justice in India. This 'wishful plot' has been seen in many Bollywood films and a web series has also recently explored it. The film has far too many hero-glorifying one-liners.(more)

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Vishal's scores high on action, but the movie could have been better with an engaging treatment.

The film had a lot of potential, with an interesting premise. But with no strong conflict after that initial phase, everything built on top of it crumbles like a pack of playing cards. More focused storytelling and a little attention to detail could have made the film far better.(more)

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unimaginably boring

Action needed to be an out-and-out action flick but by taking the commercial route, it barely stays afloat with needless sub-plots and romantic detour. It�s lavishly shot and cinematographer Dudely�s frames makes the visuals look grand. But nothing else really saves the film from turning out to be a mega bore.(more)

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In Action, director Sundar C has presented the same stale dish on a different plate. Before watching this film, it is best to brush up your geography - since the film travels through India, United Kingdom, Turkey and Pakistan. (more)

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A Mad Max Mediocre Road.

Action's USP, in its inception stages, must have been to make sure that the audience holds their breath during the crucial scenes that bring Subhash and his nemesis face-to-face. And Sundar partially gets it right by lining up the twists one after another. But the pathetic use of visual effects negates the work put in by the actors. For instance, the entire pre-interval action scene involving Subhash, an assassin and a henchman, which could have become the defining moment of the movie, goes down the drain because of the poor quality of the special effects. (more)

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Decent time pass watch.

Sundar does a decent job with the film. For a direct Tamil film, Action is quite high in terms of making, stunts and visuals. Sundar creates good suspense and narrated the first half in a terrific manner. Had he made the last half half an hour interesting, things would have been even better. (more)

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'Action' is in the mould of 'hero alone can save the nation' stories.

From money laundering to terrorism and political intrigues, from family bonds to love stories, a lot is there in the script. Not everything is well-cooked. But this one tastes better than many of the recent dishes from south cinema.(more)

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Vishal And Sundar C Deliver What The Title Promises In An Enjoyably OTT Thriller

Like any self-respecting popcorn entertainer, there are OTT moments aplenty. Killer mehndi cones? Bring 'em on. But there's always a little surprise around the corner. (more)

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