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Summa Kizhi

AR Murugadoss has prepared a cocktail of all commercial elements one would expect to see in a Rajini movie. The movie is packed with the right ratio of action, self-deprecating comedy, romance scenes, sentiments, and revenge set on a familiar format. What is different about Darbar is how Rajini pulls off the role of a cop in his inimitable style and how he continues to entertain while defying his age.(more)

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Rajini's Darbar has the substance perfectly laced with Superstar's style and mass.

Darbar does manage to do justice to both the police thriller genre and the superstar genre. It's indeed a neatly written film with excusable minor flaws here and there. (more)

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An engaging cop film

But perhaps because his villainy is often offscreen, Suniel Shetty's Hari Chopra doesn't come across as a powerful antagonist despite being built up as one. Yes, he causes numerous casualties, but still, the lack of a solid confrontation scene between him and Aaditya makes him underwhelming. Even in the rushed climax, Aaditya has it too easy.(more)

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Darbar, with a not so gripping story and screenplay, is saved purely by Superstar's energy!

Darbar is Rajinikanth's show all the way and he excels in everything he does. Superstar's energy is out of the world and be it the dialogue delivery, stunts or dance moves, he just steals the show! (more)

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A charismatic Rajinikanth shoulders an okayish masala movie

Darbar alters between a masala and mass movie, offering very little substance for the demi-god that is Rajinikanth. It is a yet another depressing case where the star does more to the script than what it does to him. However, here is the flip side to the movie: it is, if anything, a celebration of a man who is nearly 70, and has been entertaining fans for four decades.(more)

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Rajinikanth's film is by a Thalaivar fan for Thalaivar fans

Barring a clich�d and predictable storyline, Darbar is strictly a film by a Rajinikanth fan for Thalaivar's fans.(more)

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Strictly for Rajini fans!

Darbar is an average cop action entertainer packed to satisfy the appetite of the die-hard fans of Thalaivar. (more)

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Quintessential Rajinikanth movie with its highs and lows

Apart from Rajinikanth, Darbar doesn't do justice to any of its characters. Nayanthara goes unnoticed in a role that doesn't even warrant a discussion while Suniel Shetty as the antagonist is underwhelming.(more)

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Yet another ode to superstar Rajinikanth and a celebratory film for his fans

There is nothing new in story or treatment, Darbar is just a film strictly for Rajinikanth fans.(more)

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An out-and-out Rajinikanth film

Darbar remains a Rajinikanth film which bows at each step to the continuing myth of the one and only Thalaivar.(more)

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Rajinikanth's 'Bad Cop' Film Is Fun In Flashes And Tedious At Other Times

Darbar is more than a nostalgia fix but less than an average cop film.(more)

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AR Murugadoss And Rajinikanth Unite For A Barely Okay Action-Drama

Darbar has bigger problems in the writing department - say, the fact that we learn about a character's death long before the actual death occurs. It's a "mass" film, so nothing else matters.(more)



An Entertainer Rajinikanth fans will cherish

Only if Murugadoss had concentrated on the screenplay in the second half and given a proper competition for Aaditya Arunachalam with a strong villain, Darbar could have been a completely satisfying mass entertainer. With Suniel Shetty's poor characterization, Darbar settles as a routine entertainer that works in parts.(more)

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