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Gokulramkumar Subramaniam

I saw vellaipookal movie today.. The movie was really amazing ! Especially those detecting scenes where Vivek sir finds out the way how those crimes were made are really fascinating Cinematography Jerald Peter sir did an amazing job ! Climax was top notch. Director vera level poitaru. (more)


Anitha Ramamoorthy

Good watch. Worth your time and money.............. (more)


Arun Sundar

Fraankly speaking VELLAI POOKAL is a much better than Natpe Thunai which trivialised anf made mockery of woman folk. Despite the slow pacing which seems DELIBERATE in a few areas and heavy Bgm, the film remains highly watchable from start to end. Will change people attitudes and will get genuine appreciation from most critics. Cinematography good and Vivek acting was good. But the foreign lady who played the role of Alice was really perfect. Quality attempt and decent execution. Wish they release in other states with subtitles. (more)


Sriram Sridhar

Gripping thriller, with a good message. Performance, editing, camera, music all good. Worth a watch. (more)