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A Tad Simple But Strikes A Chord!

An earnest film that wraps in the evils of casteism in a simple and straightforward love story. The bittersweet treatment works!(more)

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One of the chief joys of Mehandi Circus is how it uses such nostalgia to draw us into the story.

The director, Saravana Rajendran is earnest in narrating this tale, but his staging (like the camera moving along a house and coming to a stop in front of pictures of Periyar and Ambedkar while a couple is being beaten up by casteist thugs) and narration are a bit bland. Thankfully, Sean Roldan's lush score (which does most of the heavy-lifting) and Selvakumar SK's vibrant visuals offset this and keep us engaged.(more)

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A love story with enough smarts to keep you hooked

Mehandi Circus is an immensely likeable film that should appeal to all ages, mainly its target audience- the youth. This feel-good entertainer will satisfy you! (more)

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A simple, effective love story

The writing, a tad ordinary, doesn't aspire for more, and functions within its small world for the most part. This could also be seen as the film�s achievement.(more)

Source: Srivatsan , The Hindu


An affecting drama about love lost and found

Honestly, I realised I had underestimated the film, just like I underestimated Rangaraj. Sometimes, his expressions are plain, but there is an actor in him, who tries to invest so much conviction into every scene. Rangaraj aces in the emotional scenes though. The funny bit where he takes on a fellow drinker in the bar made me wish the film had more comedy.(more)

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