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Brims With Anger But Takes The Easy Route!

Uriyadi 2 is a bold film that makes a scathing attack on politicians. The earnest intention is evident throughout and it reflects our anger on screen. But as a cinema or narrative it doesn't aim high enough.(more)

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If Uriyadi was an action thriller, Uriyadi 2 feels more like a disaster movie.

It is in the third act that Uriyadi 2 feels like a lesser film than the first one. Part of the reason is because in the first film, the conflict, despite revolving around caste, and tragedy were more or less personal, so the actions of the protagonist were entirely satisfying. But here, both the conflict and the tragedy are not just just on a personal scale; and they also come loaded with practical questions about the future. And it is in the addressing of this issue that the film feels a little underwhelming. Perhaps Vijay Kumar realises this, too � that collective justice, in today's socio-political climate, cannot become reality. And that is why, in the end, he makes Lenin resort to a form of revenge that is more or less personal.(more)

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Uriyadi 2 is an intense political thriller that touches a very important social subject of Tamil Nadu

This film is considered as the spiritual sequel to Uriyadi, sans the grit of the fight sequences. Instead Vijay presents us a layered, deeply emotional film. For instance, after the tragedy strikes the village, we are shown people vomiting, blood oozing out of eyes of the children, a lot of deaths. After a point of time, this film is not about one man named Lenin Vijay, but about the people of the village he is fighting for. (more)

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Message-heavy film with little impact

The remarkable quality of Uriyadi was its rootedness. Take for instance, the use of 'Ennai Thottu Allikonda' song. Everything was so organic in Uriyadi that it's hard to digest its severely-underwhelming sequel. Maybe the canvas is bigger now (produced by Suriya). Uriyadi 2 suffers from the curse, wherein the filmmaker's powerful debut becomes his own baggage.(more)

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A political thriller that asks all the right questions

Uriyadi 2 as a disaster movie works quite well and no other Tamil film in recent years has touched upon this angle as realistically as this film. As a political thriller, Uriyadi 2 doesn't quite make an impact, even though it asks all the right questions. In Uriyadi 2, Lenin's problem isn't personal as it involves a lot of lives, yet we see him resort to revenge when he runs out of option. It might work on a mainstream level as masses would welcome such an idea, but it really isn't the solution when it comes to reality.(more)

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This one is a compelling watch!

Vijay Kumar is apt as Vijay and he has managed to successfully recreate the original impact until the last act. The director has authentically filmed the factory portions and how the negligence of a few affects thousands of people. The disaster and the aftermath shown is real and hard hitting But the final act in the film is not convincing, as cinematic liberties are aplenty. He simply borrows the climax from the first part as it was the biggest talking point of the film.(more)

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A Hard-hitting Film That Holds A Candle To The Prequel

Uriyadi 2 has won high points in becoming a film that speaks for the society. It is hard hitting and intense.(more)

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Vijay Kumar follows up his impressive debut with a sharp take on Sterlite protests

The film is topical at a time when Lok Sabha Election 2019 is advancing. The director is able to create suitable impact with its storyline and presentation.(more)

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A Loud Mix Of Political Ideology And Heroism, With Flashes Of Brilliance

The screen takes its cue from this colour, and instead of a fade to black, it's a fade to a blazing red. Which makes me think that the character's name (combining a Communist leader's name with the director's own name) is no accident. It may be too early to tell, but like the blue of Pa Ranjith, we may be seeing, with this filmmaker, an interest in red and black - the latter is seen in the flags of dissent being waved in a protest against a gas-leaking factory.(more)

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Vijay Kumar seems to hold back his punches in this unfulfilling sequel

The biggest problem in this film which painstakingly tries to set up the stakes, is that there's no real memorable payback. The excitement at the end is too little, too fleeting. There's no question over the importance of an anti-establishment film such as this, but you can't shake off the notion that Vijay Kumar has held back his punches here. (more)

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A sequel that is less impactful than the original

Despite serious storytelling, Uriyadi 2 doesn't work. When you see the film, it feels like you're sitting in a chemistry classroom. Produced by Suriya under his banner 2D Entertainment, the film is an image-boosting exercise for Vijay Kumar.(more)

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Less impactful!

No doubt Vijay Kumar has taken a relevant issue in hand for the sequel, but it is in his presentation where he lacks the punch. There are striking moments, but they don�t come together as they should. The aftermath of the disaster has been unnecessarily stretched which is also depressing.(more)

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Vijay Kumar's political thriller falls short

Uriyadi' refers to the breaking of the pot ritual game in festivals. While the first film felt like Vijay Kumar had taken aim and broken the mould, the second feels like a miss. (more)

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