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Naughty Don Is Back With A Commercial Cocktail

Maari 2 is loaded with festive spirit and has all the ingredients aimed at box-office success. For most parts, Maari 2 is a harmless movie with heart-touching love, naughty don, sarcastic humor, fantastic dance and customary mass action scenes. Maari 2 shows some promise to emerge as the winner in the flood of movies year-end releases.(more)

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Maari 2 turns the naughty don into a nice one, leading to an underwhelming film.

The film never recovers from these developments. We get a couple of nods to the previous film's high points and a well-timed punch dialogue, but that's that. And the less said about the climax the better. (more)

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Maari 2 is a typical mass masala film that can be watched for Dhanush and the extra emotional quotient

Maari 2 will fit the tag of being an archetypal mass masala commercial potboiler. Only with smarter layers and fresher content, Maari 3 could be an interesting prospect.(more)

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Formulaic mass action entertainer

Though the predictable story line, loud packaging and hurried climax are some of the flaws, Maari 2, may work for its target audiences. (more)

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Dhanush movie is as flavoursome as spicy sambhar

Maari 2 also lacks the punch that the unexpected climax in the first part elicited. While neither Maari nor Beeja are good, Maari is shown as a goon with a heart of gold and it's easy to guess in which direction the plot will take. But Maari 2 is essentially an unadulterated commercial film that balances all the masala elements and as a result, it is a jolly fun watch more than anything.(more)

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Even a star like Dhanush can't save this gangster drama

Maari 2 fails to convince you and feels like a long stretch. The film has a run time of 150 minutes, and the makers could have trimmed it to make it racier.(more)

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Sai Pallavi steals the show in Dhanush film

However, Maari 2's strength lies in its first half, which is cleverly constructed. The establishment shots of Tovino, Sai Pallavi, Dhanush and Krishna were just the apt build-up that the film needed. Sadly, the director failed to capitalise on it. (more)

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Dhanush's Second Outing As The 'Naughtiest Don' Is A Worthy Watch!

Balaji Mohan has packed the film in the right way and thus, pakaging it as a true mass masala film. He tries to overcome those with his packaging but still, the pace and tempo doesn't match that of the first half. (more)

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An Ordinary Sequel To An Ordinary Original

Of course, the film does manage to return to form but a lot of time has passed until then and that's when we realise how Maari 2 has repeated a lot of the mistakes of the original. The effort that has gone in to create such likable characters doesn't seem to have gone in to the writing, which remains predicable when it's not inconsistent. Why spent so much time building a world when you're going to remove your characters from it for so long? Why try so hard to make sense out of everything when it's the "non-sense" of the two films that we love?(more)

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Not witty like the first part, yet once watchable for its enjoyable comedy and love portions.

The flow becomes slow after a point as the characters and their motives are introduced too early. A couple of serious scenes are intense and a few are fun too. The second half is flat and the exciting moments are very low, especially the first thirty minutes after the break is sensible but it appeared to be a speed-breaker as the progress was slow. And, the long-drawn-out informer play towards the end lacks substance.(more)

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An enjoyable experience

Balaji Mohan has incorporated enough elements in Dhanush's character like carry forwarding punch lines including Senjiruven (I will finish you) from the first part, the recurring slow motion heroic walks replete with flipping cigarettes and gravity defying action scenes.(more)

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This Gangster Never Tries, Only Tires

Maari 2 stands as a testimony to the events in Seethakaathi and why the Tamil film industry has a toxicity in the way it is run even as quality films are churned out at regular intervals.(more)



Sentimental Gangster

Maari2 has all the ingredients of a good film, still yet again lacks the X-factor to perform higher because of its predictable first half. Still, it's a lot better than the first part which had little to offer.(more)

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