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Surprisingly quite a few sparks!!!

You can pick a whole lot of things that you dislike about the film but to its credit this is one those rare masalas in recent times that atleast has you play the guessing game till the end(more)

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Another product in the hero-worship franchise

Neruppuda is an overstretched, hero-glorifying film that barely does anything else. The few minor decoys fail to save the lacklustre screenplay. This could have been a kidnapping gone wrong story, or the story of betrayal. But rather the story just moves hither-thither in an attempt to keep the suspense element. Not much is convincing, even the stunts. The story goes on a completely different tangent just before the climax, another huge letdown and also probably loudest letdown.(more)

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Firefighting with friends

The writer employs conventional writing techniques from time to time to make things tick: when the audience thinks that Guru and his friends are finished, they are not. When the audience thinks that Guru is off the hook, he gets into a bigger problem. Unfortunately, these techniques only provide a cosmetic makeover to a script that is bereft of originality. Things do get interesting after the film re-establishes itself late into the second half as an actual 'whodunit'. But the big reveal feels contrived much like the film itself.(more)

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Neruppuda - All smoke and little fire

Go for it if you are die hard fan of Vikram Prabhu(more)

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Sheer unpredictability keeps you watching

I don't want to oversell Neruppu Da, which is little more than a modest entertainer. (And maybe it doesn't want to be anything more.) Some more skill in the making would have helped -- but the sheer unpredictability keeps you watching. (more)

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