Neruppuda Review - Surprisingly quite a few sparks!

PUBLISHED DATE : 08/Sep/2017

Neruppuda Review - Surprisingly quite a few sparks!

Neruppuda - Surprisingly quite a few sparks!!!

Bharath Vijayakumar 

If the purpose of a trailer is to raise expectations then Neruppuda got it completely wrong. It was all over the place and what you expected was another forgettable masala. Some 20 minutes into the film and the film does traverse along your expectations. Then something happens and gets you interested. From hereon until interval Neruppuda keeps throwing one twist after another almost every 10 minutes and you start enjoying this masala whose only problem till now is the decibel level.




A group of 5 friends on the verge of getting into their aspirational job get into a mess.


Neruppuda does few of the basics right. For starters it has the hero who strives to be a fireman instead of a cop. As flimsy as this difference may sound this actually plays out very well and gives us a slightly different viewpoint to even the most cliche of scenes. Even the romance is linked to this aspiration of the hero. Neruppuda is another reminder that the most crucial aspect for an action masala is some sort of a tension. The hero has to be the underdog for the most part. This it achieves with aplomb in the first half of the film which simply races through with twists at every nook and corner.


As I mentioned earlier the loud nature of the film could work in either ways. This does not look like a misstep from the team and they probably wanted the film to be this way. So if you are the type who could wonder why are these people discussing secrets with such a high decibel Neruppuda might put you off a bit. But the film is designed this way and you wonder if some refinement in treatment could have really helped or not. The climax reveal is a disappointment as with any of the thrillers when you conveniently bring a new card to play. But here again there is atleast some novelty with respect to the characterization of the new entrant .Neruppuda is a peculiar mix. It shows intelligence in writing but opts for a loud presentation.



You can pick a whole lot of things that you dislike about the film but to its credit this is one those rare masalas in recent times that atleast has you play the guessing game till the end.


Rating: 2.75/5

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