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Ayngaran is engaging with good performances and delivers an important message.

Ayngaran is a film with strong performances and characterization, instead of three subplots, had the film stuck to one, we would have gotten a more crisp, tight film. Nevertheless, the messaging at the end is too honest and when the end credits roll, you'll have something to take away from Ayngaran.(more)

Source: Behindwoods Review Board ,


A noble message doesn't absolve this film's many flaws

The film turns into a rescue thriller. Despite showing us an elaborately shot sequence of the child falling down the borewell, the film repeats this sequence in ultra slow-motion and repeated close-ups, with all the desperation of someone who is not sure the audience cares yet. Perhaps if the film had better writing and making, we might have.(more)

Source: Bhuvanesh Chandar,


Ayngaran is well-written, but could have been made better

Ayngaran is definitely a film that speaks about a worthy cause, but it could have been made even better.(more)

Source: Logesh Balachandar, Times Of India