Thupparivaalan (U/A)
14/Sep/2017 Crime, Drama 2hrs


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Not A Thrill A Minute Ride But A Satisfying And Intense Investigative Drama!!!

Thupparivaalan is another interesting piece of art from Mysskin. This is not a thrill a minute ride but a satisfying investigative drama delivered in Myskkin style.(more)

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A well etched out detective thriller with enough suspense to engage you throughout

We know Mysskin films are emotion driven and he really stamps his class when he perfectly knits a clever crime plot along with an impactful sentimental subplot. But Mysskin has tried his hands on a full-on commercial film here. It is more on suspense and less on emotional quotient. (more)

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Thupparivaalan: Not only thrills us, but also makes us feel.

Mysskin also makes us empathise, even if only for a few moments, even with the villains. And the death of a major character is presented in a heartbreaking way (Arrol Corelli's violin-dominated score is one of the film's highlights). What sets Thupparivaalan apart is how it not only thrills us but also makes us feel, and that is Mysskin's triumph. (more)

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Vishal-Mysskin's detective film is worth a watch

While characters in Sherlock Holmes are clever and most of the battles are fought in the minds, the characters in Thupparivaalan are very violent and bad guys are straight up psychopaths. The way Kaniyan treats and expresses his love to Mallika is also questionable. (more)

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The adventure of an eccentric bachelor

'Thupparivaalan' was always going to be Mysskin's trial-by-fire in the world of big budget commercial cinema. With 'Thupparivaalan', Myskkin has opened up his universe to the common man, reminding us that there's nothing as pleasurable as seeing someone sneak a bit of art into entertainment cinema. Mysskin's brilliance is a mystery no more.(more)

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Solid action thriller

Just like all Mysskin films, Thupparivaalan takes its own time to establish characters and initial screenplay flow to the core plot. Once the director sets everything, there is no looking back and he completely makes us glued to our seats to watch this edge of the seat action thriller.(more)

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Go for it as the film will satisfy both Vishal and Mysskin fans

The big plusses of Thupparivaalan are the beautiful visuals, attention to details, the symphony styled background score, impeccable art direction and well choreographed stunts. The scene in which Bhagyaraj smothers his wife with a pillow and Anu Emmanuel's last moments are touching.(more)

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