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Interesting Tale keeps it afloat

Ever since we saw the trailer we knew that the special effects were below par. And for a film that on this scale this is a little disappointing. The makers could have atleast camouflaged this huge shortcoming with some interesting one to one combat scenes. But most of the action sequences too are cringeworthy on the large screen. (more)

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Though the attempt and intentions are good, the movie doesn't engage.

The movie is sure to give a better experience while viewed in the original language, Telugu as few literal translation of important dialogues end up with a mockery/spoof feel which immediately disconnects the audience from the film. Dubbing has become a major threat to such big scale films as it seamlessly steals the thunder from the story. (more)

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Anushka Shetty is the only saving grace in this film

Rudhramadevi is far below average on many aspects. Right from the first scene, it�s like watching one of those poorly-made historical TV dramas. The sets are tacky, the costumes and dialogue-delivery similar to TV soaps and the battle scenes just as amateurish. The grandeur for the big screen is missing and the VFX is another story altogether. (more)

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A Subdued Queen

Rudhramadevi is technically weak. With crude VFX and action sequences, the movie largely looks amateurish. Screenplay too is draggy at places and gives you the impression that director Gunasekhar has misconveyed what he originally set out to narrate.(more)

Source: Avinash Gopinath, One India


Rudhramadevi is unremarkable

Director Gunasekhar deserves applause for his attempt to capture history on screen, but the melodramatic screenplay, never-ending battle scenes and exaggerated performances give an unreal quality to this real-life account(more)

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A brave attempt that is let down by length and screenplay.

That said, the film is an inspiring attempt from Anushka and director Guna riding high on Indian History and its medieval times. Its indeed a worthy watch for its special effects and heroine oriented subject. (more)

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Not a flawless movie but can be watched once to know the history.

If only Gunashekar had enough budget and a competant technical team, he would have made Rudhramadevi a cult classic but now, to be frank, the film has too many gravity defying stunts, which are unintentionally hilarious and the amateurish VFX work too brings down the effect of a solid story-line. (more)

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