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Cerbral Actioner that excels

The first thing that 'Thani Oruvan' would do is relinquish the tag 'Remake Raja' from it's maker. While remaking films successfully is no mean feat 'Thani Oruvan' keeps asking us 'Why was this man only remaking all this while?'. The film has us glued right from the start when a teenager flummoxes a cunning politician. This sets the ball rolling and there is literally no stopping from there on.You would think that the teenager is the 'protagonist'. But it is not and most of the things about the film is a pleasant surprise like this.(more)

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Raja, Ravi and Arvind Swami deliver an intense battle of wits in Thani Oruvan

Raja has to be credited for writing a story with a lot of mind games involved. Usage of technology to convey a story with a social message is interesting and works in favor of the film. (more)

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A smart and superb single man struggle

Hats off to the script department that consistS of director Mohan Raja and the writer duo Subha,. The film hardly has a dull moment and it easily gets into the proud list of most gripping commercial flicks ever made in Tamil cinema. Barring a few speed breaks in the initial portions the film gains momentum at one point and it remains intact and even reaches up to huge levels many times till the last shot. (more)

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Mindgames at its best

Thani Oruvan is a technically strong film. Intriguing screenplay backed by engaging background score forms a lethal combination. Both first as well as second halves are fresh and manages to keep you hooked. (more)

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Go for it

Thani Oruvan is one of the best films from 'Jayam' brothers. Right from the word go, the film's crisp narrative seldom loosens its grip. You are on the edge of your seat for virtually the entire film and there are no compromises when it comes to unwanted romance, item numbers or comedy tracks. (more)

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'Show me your antagonist and I'll tell you how effective your film is'.

And even though it is a plot-driven film, the film gives us well-rounded characters, who lend the slightly far-fetched story plausibility. The film doesn't shy away from showing Mithran for who he actually is � an angry young man whose ideals have turned him into an almost psychotic person. Crime, for him, is an obsession. What keeps him grounded are his fellow cop friends and Mahima.(more)

Source: M Suganth, Times Of India


Jayam Ravi and Arvind Swami excel in a well-etched story by M Raja

While the good versus evil theme may be as old as Adam and Eve, what's new is how director Raja has treated the subject, his screenplay and taut characterisation. The director has etched the roles of Mithran and Siddharth extremely well - while Mithran is strong and ambitious as the police officer, Siddharth is stylish, suave and extremely controlled. (more)

Source: Latha Srinivasan, DNA


Thani Oruvan is brilliant

Despite the technical brilliance and the outstanding performances, it is undoubtedly the clever writing, great characterization and flawless execution by the director that deserves all the credit. (more)

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