Naalu Policeum Nalla Iruntha Oorum (U)
24/Jul/2015 Comedy, Drama 135 minutes

Naalu Policeum Nalla Iruntha Oorum

Critics Review


Potential that is only partially fulfilled

NPNO does have a handful of really funny scenes. But as a whole the film really fizzles out and delivers way less than it�s potential. There is a true sense of watching a stage play most of the time. The sets look blatantly artificial. When we anticipate more humour to come our way the second half veers into serious zone. Having a message delivered through a voiceover in the climax is a bolt out of the blue.(more)

Source: Bharath Vijayakumar, MovieCrow


Partly Entertaining !

Naalu Policeum Nalla Irundha Oorum could've been much better had it been executed with little more intent. The movie is a rough mixture of comedy and drama in inappropriate proportions. aining-191778.html(more)

Source: Avinash Gopinath, One India


Partly tickling partly taxing

Debutante director N. J. Krishna has a good story line that tells how a set of activities done by a few people to create small problems for their selfish motives, spoils an entire village. He has a good message to convey that deep thought should be invested before any activity, big or small because every act has its own life He also has tried to present it as a pure entertainer that is suitable for all kinds of audiences. The film is 100% pure as it is completely devoid of vulgarity and violence. But what about entertainment ? (more)

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NPNO is an admirable film

On the whole, NPNO is an admirable film, mainly for its irreverence to elements that are typically thought of as being forced by producers. There�s no big climactic duel at the end. There�s just the one duet in the whole film, and even that is shot as a parody of a song from the black and white era, as if to say that it is in that time that such love songs firmly belong. (more)