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Just about sharp enough

The backstories of the suspects are crisply narrated and they look part of the narrative without sticking out. As the intention seems to have been to make a light-hearted thriller there is not really much tension. The leads do not behave like teenagers who are caught up in a mess involving a murder. They seem too cool to show any vulnerability. The comedy sort of works but it is not really laugh out loud stuff. Do we really need songs in these films unless they are chartbusters? Pencil turns out to be an okayish thriller that delivers the goods within its limitations.(more)

Source: Bharath Vijayakumar, MovieCrow


With a better climax and more focus on the main plot, this pencil could have been sharpened more.

The film has few genuine moments that evoke laughter, school memories and serious thoughts on the education process. There are however major portions of the film where one might feel that the director has not stayed true to the premise of the story. The plot fails to build substantial suspense and fizzles out with a short and unceremonious climax.(more)

Source: Behindwoods Review Board,


This Thriller Has Its Moments!

Pencil could've been a better thriller had the director incorporated few more thrills and spills. Having said that, the movie has its moments, which makes it a decent thriller. (more)

Source: Avinash Gopinath , One India


A vaguely watchable whodunit

The film ends with a long tirade against private schools that charge huge sums of money � you feel like bringing down a copy of War and Peace on the speechmaker�s head. And the attempts at humour clash terribly with the whodunit tone. But the genre elements � red herrings, chases, lots of cross-cutting between concurrent events � make the movie vaguely watchable. (more)

Source: BARADWAJ RANGAN, The Hindu