Kuruvi (U/A)
03/May/2008 2HR 30MIN

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To give Dharani his due, Kuruvi is watchable in parts, for die-hard fans of Vijay. For ordinary viewers, the film lacks a basic story and stretches ones patience for nearly three hours. The story credited to Dharani looks dated, like an old 70’s and 80’s mass masala film. If Kuruvi is salvaged to so...(more)

Source: MovieBuzz, Sify.com


Certainly not "Ghilli".

Dharani, known for his commercially masalas, disappoints those expecting the same from him. It can be enjoyed only in parts. ‘Kuruvi’, a racy thriller loaded with romance and action, is a sure treat for Vijay fans. The on-screen chemistry between Trisha and Vijay deserve a special mention. The scene...(more)

Source: Editorial Board, IndiaGlitz.com


Kuruvi - a moderate flight.

The director has attempted to ride on the twin horses of action and comedy, moving the film at a very rapid pace, while simultaneously depicting Vijay at his humorous best. However, his objective seems to be too elusive and the film sags at various levels. Vidyasagar's tunes are already a hit. Trish...(more)

Source: Editorial Board, Behindwoods.com


There's Vijay, but what else?

Kuruvi — a film with a story that doesn’t even feign an attempt to be logical! Vijay's footwork in dance is absolutely amazing! By the way, your timing and modulation are getting too repetitive Mr. Vivek. Another let-down is Vidyasagar's music. But Kalyan, Shobi and Prem Rakshit (dance choreographer...(more)

Source: Malathi Rangarajan, The Hindu

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