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Arrambam Visitor Review - Stylish Revenge

The definite high point of Arrambam is the eventful first half. The cat and mouse game that involves Ajith and Arya does the trick here. The film races to the interval point having you engaged. (more)

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Arrambam has enough in it to be enjoyed this Diwali !

Being a commercial movie, you have to suspend disbelief and not look for too much logic and reasoning. There are a few sudden jumps in the movie's flow and its better not to question them too much, and just enjoy the bond type commercial offering from Ajith. (more)

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Well-crafted Script

Ajith threatens to kill Anitha in order to make Arya to work for him. They successfully hack and bring down the server of a media company. Honest cop played by Kishore catches them and another flashback takes us to Ajith Kumar's past life in ATS (more)

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Arrambam - Make it simple

The film as a whole boldly involves a lot of aspects of the country's everyday affairs which is considered delicate to speak frankly. Om Prakash has canned every frame with passion. Cohesion and continuity is edgy and distinctly better only as the film progresses. (more)

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Stylish Actioner

Arrambam is far from perfect, but as pulpy Kollywood action films go, it's very watchable and works to its strengths. It's worth a watch this Diwali; you won't be bored. (more)

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Arrambam will rock the box office with it's mass and class!

Vishnuvardhan impresses upon the viewer's mind the far-reaching tentacles of the evil called corruption, with his Arrambam.(more)

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Arrambam Amarkalam


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Arrambam Vimarsanam in Tamil


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Arrambam is a very familiar tale of corruption, betrayal and revenge, served up with a dash of style.

Vishnuvardhan has taken a leaf out of a real-life incident (the bullet-proof vest scam) and with the help of his co-writers SuBa, has spun an action thriller that, for the most parts, keeps moving at a fast clip. (more)

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Aarambam is a delight for Ajith fans

Aarambam is a stylish and fast-paced action thriller set in the backdrop of the 26/11 Mumbai serial bomb blasts, that is unfortunately let down by its uninspired and mediocre storyline.(more)

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