Roy Movie Review

PUBLISHED DATE : 14/Feb/2015

Roy Movie Review

Roy Movie Review -  Appreciate the attempt not the result

Ameet Bhuvan


There is a lot of things going for Roy, there is good cinematography, good visuals, and Ranbir Kapoor. Also the fact that the movie is not a rip off of some english film. Yet, to see the snail paced movie squander away these advantages purely owing to ineptitude is a pain. Roy just does not make the cut. 


Arjun Rampal is a film maker who smokes broods and looks hot. Jacqueline is another film maker who is his muse and spends more time in fashionable clothes than behind the camera. Ranbir is a con man stealing art whose life Arjun has been fascinated with. A love triangle and betrayals thrown in, Roy is a decent looking thriller suspense on paper. 


Sadly none of this translates onto the film. The pacing is excruciatingly slow, the acting mediocre, even the dependable Ranbir is seen playing to the gallery and not really exploring his character. There are cringe worthy lines spouted soullessly that makes one wonder what made the newbie director Karan waste his energies taking these stars in the film. 


Frankly, the interest in Roy piqued only cause of Ranbir’s inclusion into the cast - despite the national award Arjun is not a draw nor is Jacqueline. That is the biggest undoing of the film. One expects lot more from Ranbir, a cameo being extended in a soulless movie is not what we look forward to. While crowds filled in the first day shows, there will be a backlash for sure. Yes Ranbir does look edgy but then that is all one can say good about this bad experiment.


Roy could have been a better decent small film had the maker not gone too ambitious. In the current state, it is not worth the effort and time. Stay clear. 


Rating: 1.5 / 5

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