Salim Review - On Target


Salim Review - On Target

Salim - On Target!!!

Bharath Vijayakumar

Naan was quite a refreshing film in terms of treatment and Vijay Antony certainly looked like he meant business and was serious about his career as an actor. A two year gap and now Salim hits the screens. The adequate interval certainly re emphasizes the latter part of the first sentence. Is Salim another step in the right direction?  Read on to find.



Salim,a doctor by profession and a man with a good heart lives by certain principles. He often ends up causing trouble to the people around him because he is an odd man out and seen as a 'misfit' in a selfish society. When things go out of hand and in a moment where all the pent-up anger explodes his life takes a turn.



Vijay Antony (Salim)continues from where he left off in Naan. As the righteous youngster who does not compromise and rarely expresses his emotions he is convincing.There is a certain appeal about his on screen persona and the fact that he has scored the music accentuates the impact of heroism when the theme score plays at the background.  Aksha Pardasany (Nisha) does not play the typical heroine but a hot headed girl who only thinks about herself. The almost perfect lip sync is a bonus  these days. R.N.R. Manohar and the actor playing Chezhiyan have done a good job.



Music is a huge factor that raises the bar in Salim. The songs are hummable and trade mark Vijay Antony stuff. The BGM is exactly what a film like this needs and the 'Naan theme' is used well. The stunts are believable except a small shot before the interval that tries to enhance the mass appeal.



The debutant director  N V Nirmal Kumar actually has a rather routine revenge drama as his plot. But he scores with his execution. It is also a very clever ploy to extend the character of Salim from Naan. It is never mentioned in the film and was not even done during the promotions. Though not a sequel, Salim sort of works like a franchise. Everything about the protagonist is a continuation from Naan. He is a doctor, an orphan and the theme music helps to establish the bond further. It might seem for a while that nothing much happens in the first half. But the scenes in the first half are relevant and have a connection to what happens later.


The film is based on a very relevant social evil that seems to occupy the headlines now than ever before. While the seriousness is intact the director has also made sure that the narration is not very gloomy. Few logical liberties have been taken. But the thumb rule for a film like this to click is that the audience should root for the hero and that Salim accomplishes successfully. There is a glaring glitch in the relationship between Salim and Nisha. While the characteristion of Nisha is quite clear we really do not understand the soft corner Salim has for her. The song 'Mascara' could have been filmed with more care. It comes of as rather crude. While the situation at which it comes in the film and following events are understandable it still sticks out like a sore thumb.



Salim is definitely a sound choice by Vijay Antony as a follow up to Naan. The film manages to hold your attention for the most part and has you rooting for the leading man. Salim delivers what it intends to.


Rating :3/5

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