Was Shah Rukh Khan racist towards Ram Charan at the Ambani pre-wedding? One 2 Ka 4 dialogue & the controversy it has raked:

PUBLISHED DATE : 05/Mar/2024

Was Shah Rukh Khan racist towards Ram Charan at the Ambani pre-wedding? One 2 Ka 4 dialogue & the controversy it has raked:

"Rascal, four kunda (pot shaped utensil), four chappathi, money for eating here, upma, two idli, bum, chutney, ras (am), Superstar Rajinikanth, Venkatesh, Nagarjuna, Kamal Haasan", goes the dialogue from Shah Rukh Khan, Juhi Chawla, Jackie Shroff starrer One 2 Ka 4 (2001), a movie filled with stereotype references, and innuendos about different parts and cultures of India. 


Shah Rukh Khan says this monologue of random Tamil words and South Indian actors' names, while beating the life out of an attempted bomber in custody. The criminal tries to hide behind lack of Hindi knowledge during interrogation, and the scene is say similar to the Speak Engly now? scene from Will Smith's Hancock (2008), or the slap scene from Jai Bhim (2021), all of where brute force is used on the bad guys to fess up in spoken language. 


Shah Rukh Khan while attending and enjoying the pre-wedding festivities of Anant Ambani at Jamnagar recently, seems to have offended Ram Charan with said dialogue. Ram Charan, a Telugu star actor was part of one of India's biggest hits - RRR (2022). At one point during the Ambani festivities, when the world famous song Naatu Naatu (which earned an Oscar for the people involved in making it) played, Mrs. Nita Ambani is seen telling Shah Rukh to call Ram Charan on stage to join the fun. 


Shah Rukh Khan, as if in an inebriated state (it is not known if alcohol was served at the Ambani pre-wedding), shouted on the microphone, "Ram Charan where are you? Ram Charan I think you are here. naalu gunda, naalu chappa(thi), inga vandhu saapdunga, sowkiyama, rendu idli (four pot shaped utensils, four chappathi, come and eat here, are you fine, two idli) Ram Charan come here."  



Aamir Khan who was also present on stage tried to salvage this outburst by adding on the mic, "Ram Charan show us how to do it". Salman Khan's "Ram" on the mic was also met with Aamir's "Show us how to do it Ram". Shah Rukh did seem to realize his mistake being swept in the moment, for he was seen trying to be friendly towards Ram Charan as the Telugu star walked to the stage. But eagle eyed fans did not fail to notice that Ram Charan was being 'respectfully cold'. 


Mukesh Ambani, father of the groom and the mega billionaire behind the pre-wedding event embraced Ram Charan in a hug while the Tollywood star was on stage, and Shah Rukh, Aamir and Salman did do the iconic Naatu Naatu steps with Ram Charan. But the video ended up bringing a lot of flak for Shah Rukh Khan. 


Fans of Shah Rukh defended the star stating that the actor wasn't taking a racist dig (Shah Rukh Khan is a Hindi speaking North Indian while Ram Charan is a Telugu speaking South Indian), but merely reciting the dialogues from One 2 Ka 4 (which makes it even worse because Tamil and Telugu are two different South Indian languages, and a dialogue filled with regional stereotypes probably wasn't the best thing to be shouted on a mic while trying to summon a decent public figure in a room full of A-listers). 



But it does seem like Shah Rukh Khan messed up, and is currently being called out on X. 

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