Lal Salaam Review

PUBLISHED DATE : 09/Feb/2024

Lal Salaam Review

Lal Salaam Review FDFS Review - Should be applauded for good intention

The movie should be applauded for good intention and the genuineness is evident in the making through out. However, the story and screenplay is much to be desired.


It is surprising to see after a phenomenal success of Jailer, how Lal Salaam takes a muted opening despite Rajinikanth looking sharp as ever. Rajinikanth plays an extended cameo role to support his daughter, yet again.


Lal Salaam has myriad of characters who show up and leave. The topics taken range from  festival, cricket, politics, religion, village in-fights and many more. The characterization is not consistent and it is not understandable Vishnu Vishal 's anger against Vikranth. The entire movie is mounted on top of this unconvincing premise. It is a pleasure to see comedian Senthil back on the big screen.


The screenplay is confusing and not clear at times what happens when. The dialogues are good at times. It becomes preachy at other times. The movie lacks emotional connect due to inconsistencies in all writing departments.


As director, Aishwarya adopts a docu-feel and stays true to her message of religious harmony. However, the choice of story, setting, and scenes feel outdated. The influence of numerous cricket movies, Kantara, Bombay, Madras and many more movies are evident.


AR Rahman has the longest song of his discography in this movie. At times, AR Rahman decides to leave it silent as he is probably not sure what emotion to emote. AR Rahman scores in the final BGM when Rajini tractors the chariot.


The cheering of loud crowd for Rajini's opening scene goes radio silent for rest of the movie.


 Verdict: 2.5 out of 5

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