Bigg Boss Tamil 6 Winner Sparks Unfairness Controversy

PUBLISHED DATE : 23/Jan/2023

Bigg Boss Tamil 6 Winner Sparks Unfairness Controversy

Bigg Boss Tamil, hosted by Kamal Haasan, is a popular reality TV show in Tamil Nadu, India that is based on the original Dutch version of Big Brother, and follows a group of contestants living together in a made-up house, isolated from the outside world. The contestants are under constant surveillance, and their every move is broadcast on Vijay TV television channel.


The show is known for its mix of drama, tension, and entertainment, as contestants are forced to live in close quarters, and compete against each other for a grand prize of Rs. 50 lakhs cash and a surprise prize of a brand new Maruti Brezza SUV car. Season 6 of Bigg Boss Tamil recently concluded and contestant Azeem was declared the winner after his stint of 106 days, while contestants Vikraman and Shivin (Bigg Boss Tamil 6's trans contestant whose pronouns are she/her) were declared runners-up. 

L-R: Vikraman, Shivin, Azeem

Both Azeem and Vikraman were the most nominated-for-eviction contestants this season. While Vikraman, an activist faced criticism for his biases despite being level-headed and righteous, Azeem, a TV actor made viewers uncomfortable with his anger management issues. Azeem's ultimate win in the end is what has sparked controversy with hashtags like #BoycottVijayTV and #AramVellum - Vikraman's tagline from the show, trending. Many also have opined that both Vijay TV and Kamal Haasan have enabled glorifying toxic behaviour, and setting a wrong example, with the current fan-voted results. 


It is worth mentioning here that Bigg Boss at the end of the day is a reality TV show that relies highly on the shock-value. Host Kamal Haasan loosing his temper like never before with only Azeem in particular, and mollycoddling Vikraman is a case in point, and this could have been a deliberate attempt by the show-runners in inducing reverse psychology votes from the viewers. It is also worth mentioning that with many livid over the results of Bigg Boss Tamil 6, the only entity profiting from the same are the show-runners who have their audience's attention (and opinions ready) for the next season already. 



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