Oh My Dog Review - A harmless kids film!

PUBLISHED DATE : 21/Apr/2022

Oh My Dog Review - A harmless kids film!

Oh My Dog - A harmless kids film!

Bharath Vijayakumar

You rarely get films for kids in Tamil cinema and probably Indian cinema too. Even films that are primarily targeted at kids, try to fit in elements to make them palatable to the wider population. Sarov Shanmugam's Oh My Dog is that very rare kids film from Tamil Cinema. I am not sure if adults should be judging if a kids film worked or not but that is a separate discussion.

Oh My Dog is a straightforward and simple tale, like the ones you would have read as a kid and had a moral of the story as a takeaway. Vinay plays the bad guy who wants to beat the world record in the annual dogs championship. He tries to cruelly dispose off one of his young puppies when he comes to know it is visually challenged. The puppy escapes by chance and gets into the hands of a kid (Arnav Vijay). A special bond develops and Arnav Vijay trains the dog to eventually win the championship.

Oh My Dog keeps it very simple and the adults (Arun Vijay, Vijayakumar and Mahima) are happy to remain in the background. Vinay gets it right as the bad guy. He is cruel but at the same time ensures that he doesn't get repulsive. He sits in well in this kids film. The kids are all right. Good at times and not so good at other times. We always get the feel that they are acting in front of the camera. The puppy is adorable.


Oh My Dog is happy to stay simple and in a way it works for the film. It is the kids who should be telling if it worked or not. For the adults, it remains a harmless watch and that should be a victory in itself.

Rating 2.75/5

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