Vaazhl - A bold, breathtaking experience from the makers of Aruvi!

PUBLISHED DATE : 12/Jul/2021

Vaazhl - A bold, breathtaking experience from the makers of Aruvi!

Vaazhl - A bold, breathtaking experience from the makers of Aruvi! 


Director Arun Prabu Purushothaman who was widely appreciated for his cult film Aruvi, is back with his second film titled ‘Vaazhl’, set to hit OTT screens. With a simple casting equation, this picture speaks about the life of an IT guy Prakash, who gets influenced by 3 characters he meets through the course of a few days. How he tackles the problems that follow, form for the rest of Vaazhl. What makes this film special?

Vaazhl, as the title suggests, is about survival and the desire to experience the nectar of life. Prakash is a simple young IT lad who is stuck in the monotony and boredom of his usual life. When he visits the death of a relative, he stumbles upon a beautiful girl and her son Yathra. An instant liking towards her leads him to multiple towns in Tamil Nadu as he sets out to travel with the two. However, little does he know that problems are to follow. What happens to Prakash, why does he suddenly set off to travel to various countries and how he manages to realise the purpose of his life forms for the rest of the storyline.

As it sounds, there is abundance in terms of elements in this film. However, the casting equation is minimal and barely has any known faces. That is also the biggest plus of this movie as we do not have any fixed expectations from any of the characters. The girl who plays Yathra’s mom is natural and the protagonist played by Pradeep is a character one cannot dislike. Though in some instances, a little more intense performance could have added a punch. The kid who plays Yathra is brilliant and the other foreigner girl whom Prakash stumbles upon is functional as well.

But what makes Vaazhl amazing is its direction, cinematography, editing and mainly Pradeep Kumar’s brilliant music. Such a strong technical team backed up by some stellar writing keeps audiences interested for the large part of the run-time. A big kudos to director Arun Prabu and team for scouting some of the best locations on the map and making us crave for a similar experience in real. Well supported by cinematographer Shelley Callist and editor Raymond Derrick Crasta that literally hold this film together. 

Most of the scenes are fresh and offer a unique experience as an audience. Be it the intense sequence between Yathra and his parents in the apartment, the chase/ fight with the policemen in the latter half or the most brilliantly picturised last quarter, that sees two of the most important characters reuniting after a stint of not knowing whether they would survive, Vaazhl has its bases covered. The best part is the unusual choice of BGM’s used for typical scenes. For instance, a folk theme for a serious situation, a black humour filled phone call at the most problematic juncture for the protagonist, it is a whacky attempt that deserves praise. 

On the whole, Vaazhl isn’t that regular film that you could get to watch every now and then. It questions some of the taboos, makes us crave for a trip across the world and also entertains us with a tiny tale between a kid and a young IT lad. Like a famous saying goes, it is not just about the destination but also about the journey, Vaazhl takes an interesting route to impress film audiences. If for maybe a couple of portions that seemed to be too convenient, there is not much to complain about this crazy adventure from team Arun Prabu Purushothaman. Give it a watch! 

Verdict: A satisfying ride through the mountains, forests and the heart of it all, a human being’s life transition! 

Rating: 3.25/5


The movie will be releasing directly on the Sony LIV platform on July 16

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