Movie Theaters in Tamil Nadu to reopen by July?

PUBLISHED DATE : 10/Jun/2021

Movie Theaters in Tamil Nadu to reopen by July?

Tamil Nadu’s intensive lockdown, which began on May 24 ended on June 7, 2021 but in some districts the restrictions continue to be in place till June 14, 2021. Madras High Court Chief Justice Sanjib Banerjee on Wednesday created a furore when he observed, "if you go out to the streets, it appears as if it is party time,” 


While the police authorities have been asked to be more stringent with the public, a latest buzz suggests that the state may be willing to gradually reopen by July. Movie theaters, one of the worst hit businesses due to Coronavirus COVID-19 may be back in business by end of July, 2021.


So far Chief Minister MK Stalin has not indicated if the districts where restrictions have been relaxed, will continue to see more relaxations.  

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