Kolayuthir Kaalam Review - An exasperating watch!

PUBLISHED DATE : 10/Aug/2019

Kolayuthir Kaalam Review - An exasperating watch!

Kolayuthir Kaalam Review - An exasperating watch!

Bharath Vijayakumar


Very few films have nothing redeeming about them and become difficult to sit through even for ardent movie buffs. Few minutes into Kolayuthir Kaalam and you sense this isn't a film that you are particularly going to enjoy. There is this feel that you are watching a dubbed film and to make it worse, the acting is way below par. But given the fact that this is a thriller, you keep hoping that once the ball is set rolling, you will atleast have something to savour about.


All your hopes soon vanish as you realize that this is a film that is hardly going to provide you even a single jump scare. A hearing and speaking impaired girl is stranded in a huge palace like house and is on the run within the premises to safeguard herself from a mysterious killer. Forget everything else and this scenario alone should suffice to give you atleast a semblance of fear right? But the film leaves you scratching your head. I had midway resigned to the fact that the film isn't going to be tolerable but was atleast hoping that it would fall into the 'so bad that it's good' category with some unintended comedy to the rescue. I am talking about the type of films where the audience decide to make it entertaining and make catcalls to make up for the lack of enthusiasm on screen. But no such luck here as everyone seemed to be baffled by the amateurishness on screen.


This is a film that is set in Sussex (England) and you have a major character residing there saying the line "My husband is died". And no, this wasn't a comedy scene.


Bottomline: A bland thriller whose amateurishness makes it an exasperating watch.


Rating: 1.5/5

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