Jackpot Review - A tiring parade of predominantly juvenile jokes!

PUBLISHED DATE : 02/Aug/2019

Jackpot Review - A tiring parade of predominantly juvenile jokes!


That humour is serious business cannot be stressed enough. And when you are venturing into a zone of eccentricity and madness you need to be all the more careful. Jackpot,  much like Kalyan's  earlier  Gulebagavali, is an attempt at madcap comedy that comes to life in parts but simply misses the mark at most other times.   

While it is  good to see a heroine donning the mass avatar and have a ball, Jyothika doesn't really fit the bill here. For these films to work you will have to buy into the madness of the characters. Here it comes through as though someone is putting up a performance. The gags simply dont work. Sadly Revathy doesn't have much to do. The battalion of comedians do their part but there is  a dearth of consistent laughter. The stretch leading to the intermission is one rare occasion that is genuinely funny. 
The songs and action sequences are tiresome on screen.  The movie would have hurt much lesser in their absence. Body shaming dialogues on Yogi Babu continue to galore. But the closure to his character was a little heartening.      
Jackpot does have a lot of inventive humour ( an attempt would be more precise ). The fantasy angle, Anand Raj playing a dual role and some really good surprises. But there is a lack of focus as we have a lot of things happening but we really aren't invested in anything. The better bits involve Anand Raj and his men but Jyothika and Revathy are given a lot of screentime with them actually not doing much.   
Bottomline:  A madcap comedy that keeps providing sporadic highs but fizzles out at most other times.
Rating : 2/5   

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