Kadaram Kondan Review - A crisp actioner that is fun while it lasts!

PUBLISHED DATE : 19/Jul/2019

Kadaram Kondan Review - A crisp actioner that is fun while it lasts!

Kadaram Kondan - A crisp actioner that is fun while it lasts!

Bharath Vijayakumar

Rajesh M Selva's Thoongavanam ( a remake of the French film Sleepless Nights) was a film that was technically sound on screen. But what was lacking was an emotional connect and you really weren't rooting for anyone. When you watch a foreign action film you sort of give a certain leeway in the sense that you don't mind not being emotionally invested and you probably are fine if the film has a certain mood and pulsating action. But place our stars on screen and you subconsciously want an emotional connect and a reason to root for them.


I understand that Kadaram Kondan too is a remake of another French film Point Blank. Rajesh shrewdly has made some amends this time. The scene of action is Malaysia and this ensures that we have that feel of watching a film set on an alien land. In other words, we probably would treat this as a Hollywood actioner in our minds. So the all important emotional connect need not really hit us hard but there certainly has to be a minimal investment to the proceedings and Kadaram Kondam is on the mark on that count.


Plot: A young couple is in trouble and the man who inadvertently is the reason for this, turns their saviour.


Vikram oozes a certain unmistakable appeal on screen. It is good to see him in a role where he isn't really obsessed with having to perform something remarkable on screen. This is a no nonsense actioner and with minimal dialogues he has nailed it this time. Abi Hassan and Akshara Haasan fit the bill and the supporting cast is pretty neat. It was good to see lesser known but competent actors being cast in a foreign country.


Ghibran is the other star of the film who keeps infusing a certain adrenaline rush even when there isn't something remarkable happening on screen. The score does get a bit too loud in the second half. The hand to hand combats are suberbly choreographed and cut.


The film is extremely crisp with almost no redundant scene. Right from the start the engagement quotient is in tact and there is never the lull that you fear. At the same time a signature mass scene is something that I would have loved. You are invested in the film but a real tension as to what next or en extreme high in an action scene or chase is what the film lacks. These are factors that ensure that an actioner would warrant repeat watch.



Kadaram Kondan is a no nonsense actioner that is crisp and achieves what it sets out to do.


Rating: 3/5

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