Thimiru Pudichavan Review - An apt title!

PUBLISHED DATE : 17/Nov/2018

Thimiru Pudichavan Review - An apt title!

Thimiru Pudichavan Review 

Bharath Vijayakumar


Beyond liking and disliking a movie, there are movies that baffle you. Thimiru Pudichavan is one such experience. The initial hour of the movie moves at a brisk speed and despite many issues it holds your interest. Then comes the part that is 'so bad that it is good' and keeps you engaged with its unintended laughter. But beyond a point the film turns you numb as it assaults your every sense. And all this despite the film having an interesting plot that could have provided fodder for some solid masala. An upright cop has to take on a dreaded criminal who employs juveniles to get his dirty jobs done as the law would go easy on them. But what we have on screen are two silly characters whose idea of insult on each other is to have the other person tie the opponent's shoe lace.


Vijay Antony continues to do what he has been doing. Think of it and you really cannot blame him for his recent outings. He has always shown limited histrionics but keeps choosing interesting one-liners. The directors are the key. His initial films had them delivering the goods but of late the interesting knots on paper have not been translated well on screen. While a masala film in itself encompasses various moods, this is that rare film that encompasses several genres. It starts like a brother sentiment film, moves into a crime thriller mode, touches upon medical terms like insomnia, becomes a devotional film out of nowhere and then ends as an action movie. Or was the entire movie a black comedy where the joke was on the pitiable condition of the audience? I am still reeling under the impact of a scene about a stolen chicken that is used for a twist later on.


The acting is all over the place. It is as though we are watching a stage play. While Vijay Antony underacts everyone else keeps overacting. It is only Nivetha Pethuraj who keeps things lively for a while. The entire film has the vibe of a B-movie made in the 90s.




An interesting core that gets lost in a film that is not sure on what it wants itself to be. Thimiru Pudichavan is an apt title that should suit both the makers and someome like me who braved through the film.


Rating: 2/5

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