Ghajinikanth Review-Some fun but just remains watchable!


Ghajinikanth Review-Some fun but just remains watchable!

Ghajinikanth – Some fun but just remains watchable!

Bharath Vijayakumar

As someone who has not seen the original, my reaction for the film could be very different from someone who has seen the Telugu version (Bhale Bhale Magadivoy). Whenever ‘Motta’ Rajendren reads the statutory warning at the start of a film - I consider it as a warning symbol. Simply because the makers most often tend to use this as a gimmick to raise a few laughs. Done the first time (I guess Darling started it), it was actually amusing. But now it merely seems to prepare you for most of the unfunny jokes that are about to follow. But luckily Ghajinikanth did have its fair share of jokes that worked. 

Ghajinikanth is a template comedy film. The kind that used to frequent the screens till the 90s and early 2000s. Impersonation and the ensuing humour is the crux. You do not judge these films based on the possibility/plausibility of the events. All that matters is whether they tickle the funny bone or not. To be fair to this film it renders itself to a whole lot of funny situations. Some work and some do not. Whenever it doesn’t evoke the response it should, it clearly shows that the makers and the actors are falling short. Because the humour is very much available in the script. Amateurishness or a lack of effort is what keeps pulling Ghajinikanth back inspite of some genuinely funny moments. For instance there is this scene involving Sampath, Arya, ‘Aadukalam’ Naren and Uma Padmanabhan. The latter 3 are caught red handed and they come up with something to fake the relationship between them. It works out really well (Naren is brilliant here) and is the kind of scene we want to watch in a film like this. 

To Santosh’s credit, Ghajinikanth remains watchable for most of the time. But the way the villain character is sketched and the execution of the climax are major sores. You understand that songs and fights might be mandatory (or is it really?) to reach the masses but how about putting some care into these areas. You show Sampath as an empathetic man throughout but why is he so repellent towards Arya. You understand that he does not want his daughter to get married to him but why would he abhor him for his medical condition?

Arya is decent but is found wanting in a few scenes. Most notable is during his emotional outburst before the climax. Sayyeshaa fits the bill. Sathish and Karunakaran remain a little low key. The acting overall is a mixed bag. It is Sampath and Naren who manage to stand out. 

Ghajinikanth is a passable comedy. It is reasonably funny but it ought to have been more consistently funny, given the fact that there was ample scope for the same.

Verdict: 2.5/5

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