Pakkaa Review-Horror Tragedy!!!


Pakkaa Review-Horror Tragedy!!!

Pakkaa-Horror Tragedy!!!

Bharath Vijayakumar

You get sufficient dose of horror comedy in Tamil cinema. I am not sure if there is a genre called horror tragedy but Pakkaa gave me that feel. Hardly 10 minutes into the film and you shudder at the thought of the remaining 2+ hours. It is very rare that you come across films that are completely devoid of any redeeming actor. Even particularly bad movies have a way of providing unintended laughter but what this film does is that it numbs you. You start fearing about something that you have loved all this while - a movie theatre.

This is exactly what happens in the film. Vikram Prabhu gets introduced. Bindhu Madhavi gets introduced. They converse something which no sane person can understand and we get to a flashback where another Vikram Prabhu gets introduced ( This isn't a spoiler. There is nothing left to be spoiled in this film). I kept staring at the screen waiting for the interval. I recouped myself during the intermission break and what gave me hope was that I had endured the worst experience I have ever had at a cinema hall and no miracle was going to be able to beat that. But the miracle happened five minutes later once the second half commenced. Pakka is a film that starts well below the baseline of tolerable limits and keeps nosediving every other minute.

The only thought I had throughout the film was what could have been the intention of the makers.This is a film that needed subtitles indicating what was really happening on screen. Comedy can go wrong but the makers would have surely seen the film at various stages and you wonder what made them think it was all right to have it get released in its current shape.



I was restless last month not being able to watch any new Tamil movie on account of the strike by the industry. Now I am waiting for the next strike.


Rating: 0.5/5

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