Nani's Krishnarjuna Yuddham Songs Music Review

PUBLISHED DATE : 06/Apr/2018

Nani's Krishnarjuna Yuddham Songs Music Review

Krishnarjuna Yuddham Songs Music Review

Ramesh S Kannan

Krishnarjuna Yuddham is an upcoming Telugu film directed by Merlapaka Gandhi of Venkatdri Express fame with Nani, Anupama Parameswaran in the lead roles. Hip Hop Tamizha scores music for the film and this is the second film in Telugu for this composer. Let's checkout whether Hip Hop Tamizha is able to give memorable tracks for his second Telugu album or not.

Turn this Party Up:

Turn this Party up's energetic rock atmospheric sound is enough to pump up the adrenaline rush but the tune stays relatively average one. The upbeat background and brilliant Sitar solos make up for the patch tune while Hip Hop Tamizha and Brodha V ably pull off the song. The arrangements and the singers make this song an enjoyable affair even though strictly traversing in the known territory.


Dhaari Choodu: 

The song of the album is undeniably massy folk song Dhaari Choodu sung and penned by Penchal Das and the foot tapping number easily makes one hit the repeat button. The punchy percussions, retro accordion prelude and the brilliant Nadhaswaram solos make this one highly engaging fun filled kuthu number from the Telugu Industry in recent times.

I wanna fly:

I wanna fly is a typical Hip Hop Tamizha and the composer has done this kind of songs umpteen number of times and the track fizzles out after first few minutes. The song turns better towards the end, Thanks to the Revanth's earnest singing, However, the song fails to elevate from the mediocre level.

Ela Ela: 

Ela Ela's throaty and highly processed Hip Hop Tamizha's prelude aside, the track is adequately enjoyable in Yazin Nizar's vocals.Composer throws few nifty touches with string sections and hard rock detour in the mid-way. Srimani's lyrics and Yazin Nizar's vocals make this track enjoyable till it lasts.

 Urime Manase:

Raghu Dixit's powerful vocals and intermittent Sarangi solos are the highlights in an otherwise typical anthemic song Urime Manase. The lead singer is continuously being relegated to these anthemic and pumping songs both by Devisri Prasad and Hip Hope Tamizha and one wishes that composers utilize this talented singer/composer for different shades of tune.

Thaaney Vachchindhanaa: 

Thaaney Vachchindhanaa features HipHop Tamizha's regular Padmalatha and Kaala Bhairava, Though, the track is underwhelming when compared to the Padmalatha's previous collaboration with the composer, and she elevates the song easily, especially with the charanam portions. The composer's folk touches intermittently and the mandolin in the first interlude makes this song worthy listen from the album.


Hip Hop Tamizha churns out another minimum guarantee soundtrack for his sophomore Telugu album and Dhaari Choodu is definitely staying on the charts for a long time.

Rating: 3/5

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