Kalakalappu 2 Review - Typical Sundar C template with both hits and misses


Kalakalappu 2 Review - Typical Sundar C template with both hits and misses

Kalakalappu 2 - Typical Sundar C template with both hits and misses

By Bharath Vijayakumar

One of the things that Kalakalappu 2 does at the very start is transform Kasi into sort of a party town. It is as if the sages of Varanasi were transported to Goa. Few minutes into the film and it is all colours that we see. Naan Kadavul and Maasan(Hindi) seem a distant dream. But this is a Sundar C film and this is what he promises and more often than not delivers too.


You pretty much know the plot is an excuse but the director does keep adding on tracks as usual to accommodate the huge cast the he has signed in for the movie. The film gives you the feel of those Bollywood multistarrer comedies. It is good to see our own actors let it loose for a change and revel in the madness.


With Kalakalappu 2 Sundar C has done something to a comedy film what Hari usually does with his action films. There is no breathing space. The jokes are bombarded on you. Some are funny. Some not so. But with things moving in fast forward mode you hardly care. The jokes that work really well ensure that you stay invested amidst some cringe worthy stuff. Adult humour is fine. But as per Tamil cinema norms we have a generous dose of such jokes fitted into this 'family entertainer'. Some of these are no less than what you might see in a ‘HaraHaraMahadevaki’ or ‘Trisha Illa Nayanthara’. Looks like it is the number of such jokes that determine the certificate of a film.


The film is definitely longer than it should have been. After a while you really don’t care about what is happening. Though the laughs keep coming some restlessness creeps in towards the end majorly because the jokes get recycled. A little crisper and Kalakalappu 2 would have been exactly the product it aspired to be.



Kalakalappu 2 is fast food. The quality might take a dip but it seems to serve its purpose.


Rating: 2.5/5

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