Annadurai Songs - Music Review


Annadurai Songs - Music Review

Annadurai Songs - Music Review 

Ramesh Kannan

Annadurai is an upcoming action drama film directed by G Srinivasan starring Vijay Antony and Diana Champika in the lead roles. Vijay Antony composes music for the film. Let's checkout whether Vijay Antony able to resurrect with this soundtrack or not.


Thangama Vairama:

Thangama Vairama starts off in a high note but once the outdated tune kicks off in Ananthu's vocals, the song fails to entice the listener. The interludes are strictly pedestrian and generic while Ananthu and Karthik tried to infuse life with the sincere rendition. The more memorable and inventive tune could have made this song an engaging listen.




Vijay Antony brings back Nenjorathil fame Supriya Joshi to croon another song with the similar soundscape especially Tabla base. Though the tune fares tad lower than Nenjorathil, Vijay Antony able to deliver an adequately listenable song especially interludes and charanam portions. Arun Bharathi throws GST in the lyrics to gather enough attention.




Apart from the slightly mellowed background soundscape, Odathey (Pathos) and Odathey doesn't have much variations, especially in terms of Ananthu's vocals. The tune strictly confines to the tried and tested Vijay Antony's stock list and also falls in the quite generic climatic soaring tune.


Annadurai Theme song:

Annadurai theme song falls into the composer's generalised melancholy template and Ananthu pushes the languishing tune with his effectual vocals but tune fails to engage. The only solace being the beautiful Piano interlude in the middle of the song.



An unremarkable soundtrack from the composer.


Rating: 2/5

Pick of the Album: GST

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