Podhuvaaga Emmanasu Thangam Review - Usual folk commercial


Podhuvaaga Emmanasu Thangam Review - Usual folk commercial

Podhuvaaga Emmanasu Thangam Review - Usual folk commercial


Podhuvaga En Manasu Thangam – PEMT – Making a commercial movie is never a joke. It takes as much efforts as required by another classic. But following a formula has its own pros and cons. Let us see if PEMT makes justice to the expectations of the audience. 

The Plot, Script, Screenplay, Engaging Factor, Suspense Element, Direction

PEMT is about a hopeless-happy-go-lucky hero, who goes to the extent of loving a girl of a big shot, who has personal vengeance towards the village of the hero, just for the sake of the well-being of his village. And finally after all the sacrifices, get married to the..etc. etc.

If you are keen about knowing the plot, it is pretty much the same as VVS or Rajini Murugan. All you get to see is Udhayinidhi trying to do a Sivakarthikeyan. Or even worse, Udhayanidhi is trying to do an Udhayanidhi himself. 

Thalapathy Prabhu, from the school of Ponram, probably read his lesson way too much that he delivered an exact replica of his Guru’s works. Be it the plot or characterization or the environment. 

All through the years, we have come across commercial pot-boilers, but the degree of advantage that you take on your audience is a factor to consider.

The team as a whole makes the reviewing efforts quite minimal as all one has to do is to take the previous instance of a similar movie and just change the name. It is as simple as that.

Casting & Technicalities:

There is literally every character you could think of, in a “Folk-Commercial” script like this. Udhayanidhi does what comes to him – minimal acting – as always. One might talk about how he is getting better with his emotions, but if this is the pace, it is definitely gonna be quite tough for the audience to keep up with the pace.


Nivetha proves she is nowhere lesser to Udhay, by trying to do a Nayantara!! It is so evident, from the body language and expressions. And it doesn’t really impress let alone the irritation.


The side-kick Soori does what is expected out of him cuz the movie has already set the base for a very low expectation. I wouldn’t call him a saviour cuz there is nothing actually left to save in the movie.


Parthiepan R is the actual saviour. He nails the role effortlessly. Once Sathyaraj, and now Parthiepan. The formulae of this genre have just hit the next version by roping in the performers of yesteryear and make them nothing lesser than a side-kick. But they make it up and do justice to the role which is a huge relief.


 Imman’ish songs. Usual Cinematography. Get all you shoot, I will put it together kinda editing. The movie is all done and set for release!



Podhuvaga En Manasu Thangam – Yes, the audience have a heart of gold, for choosing to sit through this movie, despite the previous track record!


Rating: 1.5/5

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