Suriya as Bodhidharman

PUBLISHED DATE : 12/Oct/2011

Suriya as Bodhidharman

Bodhidharma - Story Untold

On last Sunday, netizens decided to find more about the legendary Bodhidharma. On Google Trends report for October 9th, "Bodhidharma" is the most searched term all over India. There are a couple of reasons to be happy about this fact. 7am Arivu's team should feel proud about the decision to reveal the basic plot of the story line. This gutsy move is uncommon in Tamil movies and has paid off big time in increasing the curiosity about the movie all over India. The second reason to be happy is because Bodhidharma is finally getting the attention that was long overdue. 


Here are some quick facts to get you up to speed,

  • Bodhidharma was born in Kancheevaram and traveled to China from Tamil Nadu in 520.
  • Credited for establishing Zen sect of Buddhism.
  • Spent nine years looking at a cave wall without closing the eyes. By his intense concentration, he finally pierced a hole in the cave wall.
  • Taught deep meditation and introduced the now famous Shaolin Kung Fu to village locals to protect themselves.
  • During the lengthy meditation, his legs withered away because of his constant sitting. This is the origin of the Daruma doll, a famous Japanese toy shaped like an egg with a weighted bottom that springs upright again when knocked over.
  • Legend says that Bodhidharma died at the age of 160.


Every minute during the first 15 minutes of 7am Arivu costed Producer Udhayanidhi Stalin Rs. 1 Crore. This shows his unwavering commitment and trust in the movie. Kudos to AR Murugadoss for bringing to light an untold story that was systematically erased from the minds of millions of Tamil people.

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