Balle Vellaiyathevaa (U)
23/Dec/2016 Comedy,drama 2hrs 16mins

Balle Vellaiyathevaa

Purushothaman Nandagopalan

  1. Balle Vellaiyathevaa U

    It's neither a movie nor a drama. The protagonist (Mr.Sasi Kumar) has no role in here. Whenever he tries to pull off a comic hero character, he only falls well before reaching it. Songs are not soothing; sentiments are not helping the movie to carry over towards next frame. 
    Lots of elements to deal when the new object is focussed (here: the job overtaken by the hero against the villain). No continuity is apparent since the story is lagging in describing on the big screen. 
    No laughter provoking dialogues, Not a properly done script, seems to be taken with some intention and came out as different...


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