Irudhi Suttru (U)
29/Jan/2016 Sports,love 1 hr 52mins

Irudhi Suttru

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  1. Irudhi Suttru U

    Detailed review:
    IRUDHI SUTTRU- A sports drama portrayed beautifully by the lead actors with some crisp screenplay, outstanding music and the technical team too shining. The best part is the way the movie was carried by the lead roles by their performances and supported amazingly by the other casts too.
    +  R Madhavan  Choclate boy a decade ago? Oh! Come on, I have not seen such a matured performance from him. The way he shows attitudes in his character is phenomenal and the way he utters the dialogues was exceptional. His hard work paid off and his best performance! Amazing comeback!
    Rithika singh  Never one could have imagined such a realistic performance on screen by a real boxer. The way she carries her role was simply amazing. I would give away the best debut award to her without any hesitation. She acts well, dances well especially kuthu beats and she can have a career in film industries if she chooses the right scripts going ahead. Araambigayya fan cluba!!
    Casting  One of the best casting in the recent times for a movie, Nassar role with a comic touch was brilliant touch by director. Zakir hussain as the head boxing coach was realistic portrayal. Mentionable performances by Rithikas father character and Radha ravi.
    Director- The captain has researched well on the script and the way she weaves the story was simply amazing. The screenplay was gripping and she has made the audience to dive deep into the movie. The way she explains the problems the boxer could face to become a champion with simple details within the script was really good. Some directors could have exaggerated that portion. The dialogues were simply amazing and after all she was an assistant of Mani ratnam!
    Music- Santhosh Narayanan The songs are already chartbusters. Santhosh Narayanan is like A R Rahman of 90s, he gives something new and fresh. The BG in the climax and the intermission was top notch. The songs and BG was within the script limit telling us the music director has involved too much in this movie. Great going Santhosh Narayanan, you are creating much curiosity for your future albums.
    Technical team- Cinematography and editing was natural and realistic. Instead of showing different wide angles and top angles visuals inside boxing ring fight scenes, they delivered well with simple straight angle camera visuals. Technical team work was supportive in this movie.
    - - Nothing much of a complain. The role of Rithikas mother character could have been performed well. In the production part, the climax sets and ring scenes could have been much better.
    At last, in sports drama, what we can expect in 99% of movies at the end is, the hero becoming a champion and winning the hearts of people. Same is the case here, but the screenplay and actors portrayal makes the major difference.
    Enjoy one of the good movies made in boxing. A knockout punch by Sudha Kongara !  


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