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  1. Bairavaa U

    Bairavaa - Expectation fullfilled :P ;)
    #NO SPOILERS ******
    Right from the movie announcement, cast, first look, teaser, trailer and songs the expectation for this flick was moderate, which was obvious and I can that the say the movie exactly matched it, except for the fact that it had a good content and few unexpected mass scenes. 
    Like Vedalam , this movie also had all the qualities that it should have been released around 2005 to 2010 and not in this era. Yes an agmark mass commercial masala with good scenes then and there. 
    Yet another One man army movie where Ilaya Thalapathy Vijay carried the whole movie right from the beginning. Movie had a strong plot but a weak execution in the second half. Director Bharathan is very good in paper work as he comes up with good / different stories ( first ATM, now bairavaa ) and he had penned the dialogues for films like Ghilli and Veeram. When it comes to executing the same on screen, he fails. But there is an improvement compared to ATM ( it has to be, right :P ?).
    The first 20 or 30 mins was very dull and kinda boring, even though many claim that the cricket fight was good, I dont feel that way.The actual story started then and it was in a good pace followed by a perfect interval block (Semma Mass!!!!) with Varlam Varlam Va " Bairavaa" BGM!! . Second half continued at a considerable pace by reminding us movies like Sivakasi (film), Veeram etc loses it by the uninspiring cat and mouse game between the hero and villian when nearing towarding the pre climax sequences. Then ends up in a normal climax. The reason for losing the pace was the placement of the scenes in the second half like a good scene followed by a bad scene , then again a good scene followed by a very bad scene. This movie would have been much better if some portions were trimmed.
    Sathish's one liner comedy helped here and there whereas Thambi Ramaiah was a great mokkai. Keerthi Suresh as usual didn't have any scope. Another notable negative point is Mr. Santhosh Narayanan for the songs and BGM. 65 to 70% of the movie had "Varlam Varlam Va " Bairavaa" BGM and I doubt whether the remaining part had any RR. Particularly there was fight scene between Vijay and Daniel Balaji with a strong sentimental BGM (WTH ?? ) . This reminds me of the BGM in Kabali fight scene where thalaivar rescues Radhika Apte where there would be absolute silence!! Also the placements of the songs in second half was bad. Papa Song visuals was good with a village temple background and good dance number.
    To conclude, if you are a neutral and who doesn't have any expectation and doesn't dive deep into anything. This movie would entertain you. For others except the fans, might or might not work out. 
    On a box office point of view , there are certain movies which became hits even earned negative/Mixed reviews at the time of its release with various deciding factors. Examples ( Maan Karate, Maari, Vedalam , Theri etc) the first two due to the pre release buzz it created and low budgets, the latter ones mainly for the few mass scenes which had been received well mainly in B and C centres even though the content wasn't good enough. So this movie has a very high chance of joining that list!


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