Onbadhule Guru (A)
08/Mar/2013 Adventure, Comedy

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Onbadhule Guru
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To sit through the entire movie is a challenge

The 'Va machi' song (music director K) is reasonably good and probably the sole positive that comes to mind. Sometimes, unintended humour can work. But Onbadhula Guru fails to provide even that. Some of the humour is crude. But even such humor needs to be done tastefully to make it work.(more)

Source: Bharath Vijayakumar, MovieCrow


A disappointing film

Well, the film does not offer you a good story but entertains you if you are a fan of cheap jokes. Their adventures and miseries could be a fun for first-benchers. Even the one-liners are of bad taste. Adding to that the spoof of scenes from popular Tamil films are irritating after some time in PT S...(more)

Source: Ramchander, One India


Slapstick Comedy

K's music is peppy, and Vaa Machi... is the pick of the lot. The dialogues are laced with wit and soaked in humour and bring the house down on several occasions. The promos never promised path-breaking or thought-provoking cinema. So why look for logic in this one? (more)

Source: Moviebuzz, Sify.com


Onbadhula Guru is a collection of comic scenes

The entire film is interspersed with old hit Tamil songs; every situation has a background score of some popular Tamil number, which though fun in the beginning gets quite tiresome when it just goes on and on and on. (more)

Source: S Saraswati , Rediff.com


A movie with assortment of scenes without coherence

Music by Krishnakumar (K) fails to create an impression. The songs apart from "Va Machi Va" hardly captivate your memory and this song has some funny lyrics penned by Na.Muthukumar blending with peppy music from K. The BGM is full of signature tunes of Billa, Mankatha, Baasha and so much that you ha...(more)

Source: Review Board, Chennai Online


Lesson on how not to make a film

As much as I love K's music in "Mugamoodi", it was extremely bad in the film. Not even one song was worth a mention. Director P.T Selvakumar must be happy he tried his hands at direction, but it's high time he doesn't think about it again.(more)

Source: Haricharan Pudipeddi, Nowrunning