Angadi Theru (U)
26/Mar/2010 Love, Drama 2HR 29MIN

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A heavy baggage to bring home to!

Angadi Theru is an eye opener to all those who are on the rosier side of life. Jayamohan's razor-sharp dialogues lend the right kind of support to the narration. Newcomer Mahesh needs to work on his emoting skills a lot. A commendable performance from Anjali. Music is scored by Vijay Antony and G V ...(more)

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A must-watch !

Angadi Theru, directed by G Vasantha Balan, is a wonderful product that manages to satisfy almost every criteria of worthwhile film-making. The real credit goes to Vasantha Balan, though, for coming up with a realistic movie without getting caught in cliched situations; for sticking a camera into re...(more)

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Uncluttered and Faithful.

‘Angadi Theru’ is exquisitely simple and is a sonnet to the spirit of survival. For thoughtful film-goers ‘Angadi Theru’ is a beautifully contained film complete in its portrayal. The performances of the leading characters are assets to the film. Vasanthabalan’s screenplay is as uncluttered and fai...(more)

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Angadi Theru is an honest film.

Vasanthabalan's Angadi Theru is a raw, hard hitting realistic film that pulls at your heart strings. It has got enough drama and powerful characters to keep the story flowing. One of the highlights is Richard M Nathan's camera. It’s an overdose of emotions, yes, but you don’t mind it: simply because...(more)

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A must-watch !

Newcomers are the asset of this film. Music is scored by Vijay Antony and G.V. Prakash. Richard M. Nathan, makes his debut as cinematographer and has worked in tandem with the mood of the film. Angadi Theru is one of the best-made recent movies with a touch of class. If you have a taste for good cin...(more)

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Realistic story of labours .........Hitler like managers ...Good message (more)

Music Tracks

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1 “Aval Appadi Onnum” Na. Muthukumar Vineeth Sreenivasan, Ranjith
2 “Kannil Theriyum” Na. Muthukumar G.V.Prakash Kumar
3 “Karungali Naayae” Na. Muthukumar Karthik, Mahesh, Pandi
4 “Kathaigalai Pesum” Na. Muthukumar Benny Dayal, Hamsika
5 “Unn Perai Sollum” Na. Muthukumar Naresh Iyer, Shreya Ghoshal, Haricharan
6 “Yenge Poveno Enn” Na. Muthukumar Benny Dayal, MK Balaji, Janaki Iyer