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Refreshing Cast.

Balaji Saktivel (story, screenplay, dialogue and direction) deserves full credit for the differently conceived drama in the end, where very little is actually said — the body language conveys it all. Though Balaji Saktivel informs viewers that "Kadhal" is based on a true story, he deserves appreciation for etching all the characters, big and small, with care. There are a whole lot of technicians too who make worthy contributions in their debut.(more)

Source: Malathi Rangarajan, The Hindu


Lacks Fizz.

Kaadhal is a bold attempt by director Shakthivel to bring in realism in film making and foregoing the temptation to make it commercially appealing. Music is a great letdown. It offers nothing new. Cinematography and locales are a plus. Bharath and Sandhya (the lead pair) play their roles with ease.(more)

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Earthy and emotional.

Director Shankar's debut production is all about romance with an intelligent mix of nativity. With no established star cast, Kadhal solely relies on its strong script and all credit should go to director Balaji Sakthivel for churning out a movie that is quite unlike the present run-of-the-mill stuffs. If Bharath's performance is finely-honed, newcomer Sandhya is a revelation. Debutant music-composer Joshua Sridhar's score is an asset to the film. (more)

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