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Vallinam - A Commercial Game

If Arivazhagan's aim was to make a commercial flick with sports as the backdrop he has successfully managed to do so. But if the bar was actually set higher to make an awareness film about the need to cheer for other sports apart cricket then Vallinam is only half baked. The film starts off promisingly and then soon cliches dominate the proceedings. A nemesis at college who soon turns into a die hard friend and the ever irritating and heartless seniors that form the rival gang are situations that strictly follow the known template. (more)

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Timepass entertainer.

Arivazhagan, after the crisp and entertaining thriller Eeram has come out with a decent sport based film Vallinam. The film tries to highlight that there are other sports like basketball, which is more gripping than Cricket which is larger-than-life sport in India and craze among the youth. (more)

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Vallinam has its ups and downs, but a very good game overall!

Director must be applauded for the efforts he has taken to show authentic basketball game. Vallinam is arguably one of the best sports films in Tamil Cinema in recent past.To sum up, Vallinam can dunk you into nostalgia and definitely make you want to take to the court. Watch it for the spirit of the game and for the spirit with which each of Arivazhagan´┐Żs team has performed.(more)

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High spirited and practical

'Vallinam' literally translates to strength, and the film is aptly titled so. Taking up a challenging concept, Arivazhagan had delivered again, with smooth and entertaining screenplay. With a lot of self confidence and fun, and a little bit of romance, 'Vallinam' is an interesting game, in a very practical screenplay, making for good entertainment for all. (more)

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Vallinam Review

Krishna, a talented basketball player, moves to a new college after a fatal accident on court. There, he clashes with the college team's egomaniacal cricket team captain, Vamsi, who will not have any other game sharing the limelight with his own sport. (more)

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