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Lightweight Entertainer

Despite the delays Vaalu does not look outdated if you can excuse the plot!!! But the scene involving Hansika�s father and an iPhone is a big joke. That it was meant to be serious makes it all the more funny. The 10 day countdown for the hero to impress the heroine never really takes off. After a point the day count popping up on screen becomes extremely redundant. The film could have definitely been a little shorter but the climax works and that saves the day.(more)

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A watchable commercial film driven by the Simbu - Santhanam duo

Vaalu is watchable for the sharp dialogues sprinkled across, by director - writer Vijay Chander. The famed Simbu - Santhanam chemistry works to the movie's favor with generous doses of enjoyable comedy. The presence of VTV Ganesh as Kutti Paiya also brings about a chuckle now and then.(more)

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Habitual Commercial Flick Saved By Simbu And Santhanam Together!

Vaalu is yet another usual commercial film which gets saved largely by Simbu's dialogue delivery and Santhanam's laughable comedies. (more)

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Watch it for Simbu !

Director Vijay Chander hasn't offered anything new to the audience in terms of script and what he has offered is quite weak. This is one of the big let-downs in this film.(more)

Source: Latha Srinivasan, DNA


Vaalu is yet another romantic action entertainer which is watchable just for STR's energetic screen presence and his comic chemistry with Santhanam.

The problem with Vaalu is that there are no twists or turns and the love between the lead pair who shares a great chemistry on-screen goes on and on till fatigue sets in. Three year delay in production is very much evident as both Hansika and STR looks plump and thin in different scenes. (more)

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