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Well-intended and sincere film with a good message, and it tugs at your heartstrings.

On the whole, don’t miss Dhoni. The beauty of the narration is that the message applies to everyone and it might change your life. (more)

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An innings worth an ovation

It really should go down as a wonderful coincidence; movies that make valid comments on the educational system are a rarity in Indian cinema. But, in the space of one month, there have been two movies that have done a wonderful job of it. Nanban talked about college education, Dhoni talks about schools; but they both have a similar message – follow your heart. While many might not completely agree with everything that has been said in the movie, there will be many points that make you nod your head in approval and even introspect. And, Prakash Raj, thanks for finally deciding to direct; please, let this not be a one off attempt.(more)

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Dhoni is definitely worth a watch.

It's a treat to watch films that move away from showcasing unrealistic situations and people, to something that focuses almost exclusively on the travails of the middle class man who struggles to make ends meet, feed his children, educate them and try to make their dreams comes true. (more)

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Dhoni - Boundary Lines

All said, 'Dhoni' preaches the need of the hour. This Prakash Raj's film has set the ball rolling on a fresh debate on our education system. 'Dhoni' is a refreshing change in hero-dominated bastion. Let's welcome the change! (more)

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Dhoni-Must watch!!!

Dhoni might not have all the elements needed for a commercial entertainer but it has a solid message which will definitely make you think. (more)

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Splendid show by Prakash Raj

All said, Dhoni is a movie that are rarely made. It should be welcomed for it promises that all hopes are not lost in Kollywood. (more)

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Caught in the Deep

Prakash Raj ought to have thought a little more than riding high on his reputation and supposedly good intentions. Dhoni (Not Out) – Dhoni Duck Out!(more)

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Dhoni, written and directed by Prakash Raj is a well-intended and sincere film with a good message.

Undoubtedly, the film will entertain the audiences and they will get a feel that the money spent on the tickets is worth.(more)

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Dhoni is Average

Instead of reaching the potent climax that the film had set itself up for or giving its characters the opportunity to evolve, Dhoni becomes a social statement we've heard before. -(more)

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Admirable line and length

Dhoni's tagline, ‘Not Out,' is an understatement. ‘A Straight Six' is more like it. So what if the film is about cricket? It's Advantage Dhoni!(more)

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Dhoni emerges a winner!

It’s a film one can relate to. The producer-director-actor should be appreciated for bringing quality cinema to the industry.(more)

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Prakash Raj Presents a one man show

Though the climax looks a little preachy and melodramatic, nevertheless Dhoni is a must watch because of its timely theme. (more)

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"Dhoni" is indication enough of a long and promising innings to come.

A must-watch for all parents and children for the pertinent points it makes about how we view education and success! (more)

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