Marakkuma Nenjam (U)
02/Feb/2024 2hrs 17mins

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Marakkuma Nenjam
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A back-to-school tale that is bland and full of cliches

The only possible saving grace in this film is Dheena, who essays the character Salim. He essentially plays an extension of his real self onscreen, cracking one one-liner after another, which comes as a breath of fresh air when the screenplay fails to offer a meaningful narrative. Take the scene whe...(more)

Source: Jayabhuvaneshwari B , The New Indian Express


A film that fails to achieve what its soundtrack gets right

Alas, all said and done, the clear highlight of Marakkuma Nenjam is Sachin Warrier´┐Żs soundtrack, which perfectly captures the mood of what the film was going for even more than the film itself.(more)

Source: Roopa, Times Of India


A Mixed Bag of Joyful Moments and Puzzling Plots

Marakkuma Nenjam offers a nice mixed bag. Though a nostalgic setting and some good performances in a few of the roles make it passable, its unconvincing plot and forced execution take much from its overall potential. If you need an easy-going film with just a hint of social commentary coupled with s...(more)

Source: Indiaglitz,