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Not For The Entertainment Seekers

An experimental flick that is sure to offer an unique experience, the base story is superlative. But the dryness in the screenplay with very minimal engrossing moments make it a boring and a distant affair.(more)

Source: Ashwin Ram, MovieCrow


Different, But Not Gripping

Gaami stands out as a distinct attempt.The narrative also different.(more)

Source: Great Andhra, greatandhra.com


Vishwak Sen's epic journey � A visual treat with uneven narrative

Gaami is a film that, despite its length and narrative complexities, offers a visually stunning experience with strong performances and an innovative storyline. Its attempt to blend traditional elements with modern cinematic techniques marks a significant step forward in Telugu cinema, showcasing th...(more)

Source: Paul, Times Of India


A different experience

Gaami offers a unique cinematic experience. Strong performances by Vishwaksen and Chandini Chowdhary, coupled with technical excellence, contribute to its appeal. However, the film is hindered by a sluggish pace and occasional dull moments. Nonetheless, for those seeking a movie with rich technical ...(more)

Source: 123 Telugu, 123telugu.com


This unique quest is tiresome for the audience.

. Even though his physically enduring and daring Himalayan expedition has its share of good moments, it turns out to be a bit tiresome for viewers aka audience. (more)

Source: Prakash, Deccan Chronicle

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