GAAMI Review - Not For The Entertainment Seekers

PUBLISHED DATE : 09/Mar/2024

GAAMI Review - Not For The Entertainment Seekers

Gaami Review - Not For The Entertainment Seekers

Ashwin Ram

Premise: Vishwak Sen wants to be part of the Aghori group. But he has a Haphephobia condition that is stopping them from including him as he might be a negative vibration. So, Vishwak Sen begins his journey to the Himalayas looking for the cure.



Writing/ Direction:  Amidst the usual masala flicks, this is a film with a unique voice. A movie can be termed experimental just by the treatment in storytelling or only by the usage of modern-day technical equipments, the story matters too. The director has understood it well and has come up with a fascinatingly fresh plot. But the film suffers from how to deal with the strong story at hand. The screenplay is so flat that we even tend to lose attention to what is going on. The intercut storytelling of three different timelines makes things worse, as there is absolutely no coherence to where the portions are inserted. The grand snow-mountain scenes look good, but there is aesthetic sense in terms of direction or action choreography. It also aspires to maintain the heroic traits, the issues Vishwak Sen faces gives a feeling that the director has added them unwillingly without interest. The beauty of the film is its peculiar plot, but that is revealed only at the very end which acts as the major disengaging factor until that point.


Performances: Fine performance from Vishvak Sen, his role demanded a lot of variation in expressions and physical strain, he has given it all. Abhinaya gets an interesting Devadasi character to play, the role had enough depth which gave her the scope to play it believably on-screen. The child artists are perfectly casted, the faces have to resemble and it has been carefully done. The set of supporting actors’ work in the sequences taking place at the lobotomy lab have done complete justice to the creepy situations.


Technicalities: There are no songs which is probably a given statement for these offbeat films these days. The background score is solid, uplifts the film whenever the flow flaws, however certain sounding reminded the musical treatment of Prashanth Neel movies. First class camerawork, the setups are multi-layered happening at different timelines in contrast tones, the cinematographer has made sure the variety is visible. Editing is forcefully complicated, the zic-zac cut pattern is implemented with the intention of making the audience curious for the cliffhangers, but it nowhere works and it is in fact annoying at times.



An experimental flick that is sure to offer an unique experience, the base story is superlative. But the dryness in the screenplay with very minimal engrossing moments make it a boring and a distant affair.


Rating - 2.5/5

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