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The Hari Stamp Fades Away Further!

The core conflict has enough plot elements to be a decent commercial flick if they were carefully piled and presented, by complicating things, it has become only a worse product both in terms of writing and craft.(more)

Source: Ashwin, MovieCrow


Vishal and Hari's haphazard story has too many flaws

Vishal's performance is mediocre at its best. His emotional moments are weak enough that you don't grasp the seriousness. Priya Bhavani Shankar had the scope to showcase her talent and she does justice to an extent. Yogi Babu's comedy looks forced and hardly evokes laughter. Murali Sharma, Hareesh P...(more)

Source: Janani, India Today


Cliched Masala

Rathnam is mass masala action film that is crammed from beginning to end with hackneyed scenarios cliched narative skills and boring moments. (more)

Source: Great Andhra, greatandhra.com


Disappointing Action Drama

On the whole Rathnam is a disappointing action drama that lacks proper emotions. Vishal is solid in his mass avatar and the film has some well conceived action sequences. The core emotion which drives the film is not at all convincing and this is the biggest problem with Rathnam. Also the entertainm...(more)

Source: 123 Telugu, 123telugu.com


Rathnam is Vishal's show sans logic

As expected, Vishal dominates the screen as the film's undisputed star. His portrayal of Rathnam is a perfect blend of agility, intensity, and rowdy charm. The fast-paced editing and liberal use of slow-motion elevate his action sequences, showcasing his fighting prowess with stylish flair. Priya Bh...(more)

Source: Abhinav Subramanian, Times Of India


Unsurprisingly, Vishal and Hari deliver an outdated action-drama

As far as filmmaking goes, Hari has tried to be fresh and inventive, but the soul of the film is dated. The scenes that try to flesh out what�s called family sentiments don�t belong to this day and age. It is laudable that Hari continues to write drama in an action film, but the quality of the dialo...(more)

Source: Kirubhakar Purushothaman, Indian Express

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2 “Ethanaala” Viveka Sinduri Vishal Listen
3 “Uyire en Uyire” Viveka Kapil Kapilan, Ranina Reddy Listen
4 “Yeduvaraiyo” Viveka Haricharan Listen