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This Sports Drama Talking About Social Issues Has Both Highs And Lows!

Blue Star talks about how important it is for all to get together and fight any form of discrimination. Inclusive fight is what the film bats for. The message is loud and clear. It is the film that is a mixed bag with both highs and lows.(more)

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A well-cast sports drama that's simplified, straightforward and splendid

With that said, Blue Star is a film where what you see is what you get. It�s a straightforward narrative that tells the story as it is without trying to be intelligent. It�s not filled with nuanced writing, but the film is very clear on what it is trying to say and makes sure that everyone who watches it clearly understands what is being said. But it has to be said that Blue Star hasn�t completely been successful in its attempt to oversimplify everything that�s going on screen.(more)

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Ashok Selvan, Shanthnu shoulder an effective sports drama

'Blue Star' is an entertaining sports drama which works for the most part. It's a rewarding socio-political film that has more pluses than flaws.(more)

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A fascinating entertainer about cricket and the discrimination around it.

Though the film travels on a simple and straight plotline, his narration was fairly engaging in most parts with strong characters and noteworthy dialogues. The subtle and sensitive approach to the socio-political issues helped the film very much. The creator has conveyed a lot through his subplots and they do leave an impact. Also, the Sam character was such a comic relief while the Bullet Babu sequence was highly enjoyable as well as thoughtful. However, the film's second half feels lengthy.(more)

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S Jayakumar's 'Blue Star' is a cricketing drama that could have used less cricket, more human drama.

Blue Star, on the other hand, has no depth. It equates a Hindi-speaking working-class man to Ranjith�s outsider status. He remarks that that man must have had such huge issues that he had to leave home and find a job in a new place whose language he doesn�t know. It�s a lovely aside. But it would have been lovelier had the central characters been developed with similar asides, with similarly casual observations that revealed them to us. At one point, the members of the opposing team are revealed through animation and voice-over that resembles� a PowerPoint presentation! Blue Star has good intentions, but it needed much better writing and better filmmaking to be what it really wants to be.(more)

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A potent sports-drama that rises above a lack of subtlety

Even though the flaws stick out like a sore thumb, the film has more going for it than it doesn�t. While the lack of subtlety might pull you out of some defining moments, Blue Star, with likeable characters, earnest performances, politics that pull no punches, and technical proficiency, still manages to bowl you over.(more)

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