Critics Review


A Distant And Disjoint Drama!

The topic taken demands to be handled in a grounded manner. To cover up for the lazy writing, the spineless dramatic elements that are additionally added takes away the focus from the main subject.(more)

Source: Ashwin Ram, MovieCrow


A film that should have treated its women characters with more dignity

There were a lot of avenues that DeAr could have dealt with more. When Arjun initially demands a divorce from Deepika due to her snoring, he discusses it with his male friend and female friend. The man reacts by asking if women snore in their sleep. But his female friend puts some sense into him and puts forth Deepika's perspective. This small interaction showcased the need for cross-sex friendship. But, keeping such scenes to the side lines, the film chooses to resort to a standard narrative.(more)

Source: Roopa, Times Of India